Our Products

Acrylic Signs

Used for the interior or exterior, there are a variety of creative ways to produce an acrylic sign. From a basic, vinyl applied acrylic sign to an upscale, stand-off mounted show-piece, our acrylic options are endless. Various thicknesses, colors, acrylics and eco-acrylic available.


Our modern design and production capabilities enable us to offer compliant, attractive ADA/wayfinding signage to match your specifications. ADA Signs are available in many forms and on many substrates depending upon your tastes and application.

Advertising Wraps

It’s about “wrapping” a surface with advertising/decorative images & messages. If it’s wrappable, Vital Signs will wrap it for you. Mostly seen on vehicles, this new cutting-edge advertising/decorating trend is being applied to a variety of new surfaces. It doesn’t get any cooler than this. Think: Elevators; Objects; Walls; Floors; Doors; Furniture; Ceilings, etc.


Awnings are not just for weather protection anymore. Utlized for big branding impact for either interior or exterior spaces, the variety of awning shapes, fabrics and designs to choose from, are numerous. Go big and bold, or elegantly simple. Vinyl and fabric materials available.

Blade Signs

A blade sign is a sign that extends horizontally from a wall surface. It provides the perfect placement for viewing and may often be the only sign type and angle that serves a particular business location. If does not however, limit the size or creative design possibilities.


Remember when printing on paper was the only option? Well, not anymore. Vital Signs provides canvas media in a variety of textures and designs which will enhance your artwork.  We can stretch your print and apply it to a frame or present it to you for your personal framing options.

Carved/Routed Signs

There’s nothing quite like a beautifully carved sign. Vital Signs offers a variety of design options to be added to your handcrafted sign. We offer a high density urethane (HDU) wood substitute which resists rotting and splitting, far longer than real wood.  Whether you’re adding goldleaf accents, carved dimensional elements or just displaying a simple carved sign, nothing says “upscale” quite like a carved sign.

Casket/Urn Wraps

Yes! In the exploding world of personalization, Vital Signs is now offering custom casket & urn wraps. Fulfill a loved one’s last wish or just remember them in a very personal and unique way. We offer: full, partial or lid wraps and custom text, such as: Scripture, poetry or personal messages. Standard design choices or custom designs available.

Help ease the pain of saying, “Goodbye”.

Changeable Letters/Message Sign

A changeable message board or sign is exactly what it sounds like. A sign which allows the user to change the message at will with individual letters provided. They can be encased with locking options if desired.

Channel Letters

Bigger than life storefront letters that offer big color! Lit from within with LED lights or Neon lighting or Reverse Lit (lit from behind), Vital Sign’s Channel Letters can meet your branding specifications. Maybe you want your Channel Letters to show one face color during the day, and a different color at night, we can apply our creative know-how and make it happen.

Church Signs/Wraps

Spreading the Word in a big, colorful way should be part of every Church’s marketing approach! Whether you need a colorful stage backdrop, a door wrap or something in between, let Vital Signs help you get the Word out!

Construction Site Signs

In need of a temporary site sign to brand a location? We can help. Whether it’s a basic MDO sign or a fancier version of upscale things to come, we can manufacture it.


Custom Displays

Colorful, subdued, professional, and detail oriented..just a few words to describe the variety of custom displays we can provide you with.  Whether you provide us with the design or rely on our design team to produce your design, you won’t be disappointed.  Nothing sends a stronger message than the colorful pop of branding attitude.. we capture on our customer’s one-of-a-kind displays!

Custom Flags

Want your own custom designed flag? We can help. Along with a standard offering of flag designs, Vital Signs can help you design your own one-of-a-kind flag design. Let your creativity fly!

Custom Tablecloths

Every business needs a custom table cloth, especially if attending networking functions or vendor events. It is an automatic, colorful invitation for attendees to come visit your table.


Yes…we can even print tiny or over-sized decals and labels. Whether you need some decals for office inventory, or as part of your company’s marketing plan, Vital Signs will adhere to your design specifications. The design colors, shapes, and textures  will blow your mind.

Digital Prints

It’s all about the rich vibrancy of color when digitally printing. Vital Signs offers high quality aqueous or low solvent ink printing options to meet all of your design project needs. With a variety of substrate and media choices to showcase your digital images, we get your message viewed!

Dimensional Letters & Signs

Need a 3D sign or Dimensional Letters? The choices are endless. Whether you require plastic, acrylic, metal or one of the many other substrate choices available, Vital Signs will help you find the perfect choice.

Directional Signage

Whether you have a need for temporary or permanent directional signage, we can point you to the right application.  With a large variety of materials, styles and finishes to choose from, choosing directional signage has never been so easy.

Directory/Lobby Signs

Professional, neat and easy to follow are a few of the necessary ingredients required by your Directory/Lobby Signs. Vital Signs offers a selection of sign systems or multiple choices for materials/finishes for your custom Directory Sign choice. Interior or Exterior, we can produce them all.

Donor Trees/Walls

Always a great way to honor those who have contributed to a worthy cause, donor trees & walls are becoming very creative. Let our design team work with you to create the perfect recognition of thanks to your contributors.

Eco-Friendly Signs

Sustainable products are exploding everywhere. The sign industry is no different. Vital Signs is identifying eco-friendly sign systems and materials for use in making sustainable signage. There are indeed signs/sign systems that qualify for LEED points on your LEED projects, so let our Vital Signs Team help with your sustainable signs.

Educational/Park Signs

Educational Signs can be designed and produced on many medias or substrates. But the educational signs that we are referring to, are the signs which are created from a very high pressure laminate that is made to never delaminate, separate, crack or peel. These types of exterior signs are typically seen in parks, along trails, and at tourist attractions, etc., but may also be used for interior spaces as well. Let us help to educate your visitors!

Engraved Signs

ADA/Braille, nameplates, or custom creations, Vital Signs can engrave them for you. Equipped with a large variety of engraveable materials, the creative possibilities are yours to choose from.


Event Signage

Banners, Directional Signs, Tradeshow Displays, Tabletop Displays, Golf Outings, Wine Tastings, Sponsor and other signs are typically used for various events. Vital Signs can provide them all for you.  No matter what occasion your event may be or how upscale or casual it is, we have the right sign to meet your needs.

Floor & Sidewalk Graphics

Rapidly increasing in popularity, specialty vinyls allow our customers to enjoy stopping their customer’s in their tracks, with creative branding messages. Easy to apply & remove, Vital Signs can brand almost any floor surface. No one will miss your message when it’s just beyond their feet.

Garage Wraps

Truly, Vital Signs can wrap just about anything. But one of our newest fun wraps feature our, Garage Wraps. Who wouldn’t do a double-take when driving by garage door(s) which reveals a Lamborghini or Stealth Bomber! Designed to appear that one’s garage is open, with amazing sights inside, or any custom design, we can transform your garage doors too!!

Illuminated/Non-Illuminated Building Signs & Letters

Storefront signs come in many varieties which are internally or externally lit. Whether you are looking for a lightbox or a panel sign with gooseneck lighting, we can help you to navigate the many stylish choices which are available. Neon & LED lighting  and LED Message Boards available.

Interior/Exterior Banners

Size doesn’t matter..when it comes to banners. Vital Signs can design and produce any size banner you need. Room size or building size, we can produce your banner from: Vinyl, Mesh, Fabric and/or Eco materials.  We offer vinyl lettered banners; digitally printed banners; and your choice of finishing/coating options.  Inside or outside, Vital Signs can create your custom banner!

Interior/Exterior Vinyl Lettering & Graphics Applications

Yes we do. Inside or out, Vital Signs can apply your message. Whether you need a business name, products & services listed; business hours or fun graphic images, we are happy to apply your message to whatever surface you direct us to. Ever gone to a business only to find no one there with no hours of operation or phone number to call? We have too. You need us!

Life-Sized & Desktop Sized Standees & Cut-Outs

Yes, we have all seen them or maybe even had our picture made with one. But have you used one for branding? Our Vital Signs Girl holds a sign that we change for various messages (our mission statement, values or other business directed messages). And of course, we dress her for almost every holiday. She is currently sporting her Steelers attire. This is also a popular choice for creating your perfect boss. The one that always smiles and never says anything. Just an idea.

Magnetic Signs

Mobile Branding has never been more important.  Magnetic Signs are an easy and effective way to market your company while traveling in your vehicle.  We offer magnetic signs in either a basic shape option or a die-cut option.

Menu Boards

Vital Signs offers a variety of standard “already designed” menu board options. Our creative design team can also create your custom magnetic or changeable menu board. Just order your menu board choice, and we’ll do the rest.

Monument Signs

Monument Signs were meant to be Monumental! The variety of styles, materials and finishes available will capture the presence of your brand in a memorable display of craftsmanship. A large variety of designs and styles are available.

Murals/Room Dividers

For decoration or business branding, we have you covered, with vinyl that is. Whether you want frosted vinyl that looks like etched glass, a decorative modern design or something in between, the Vital Signs Design Team can take your wall or room divider from plain to pixel perfect in no time.

Neon Signs

Whether flashing or just a solitary glow, neon signs will always capture the attention of viewers.  With a rainbow of color and design options, The Neon design choices never fade.

No Idling Signs

No Idling Signs: When PA DOT says No Idling, they mean it.  As per ACT 124 of 2008, trucks, buses and other select vehicles are not allowed to sit with their engines on and idling. In fact, a mandatory posting of No Idling Signs is required on certain premises. Fortunately, Vital Signs is an approved PA DOT Vendor and can create the appropriate specified and ‘approved vendor’ documented sign(s) to alert your drivers to this regulation. 

Other Cool Signs & Graphics

This product category  includes our Vital Signs “Think out of the Box” crazy cool signs, prints & custom whatever designs. We can wrap a mailbox, brand a marching drum and more. The more creative the better.

Parking/Garage Signs

No more parking lot or parking garage confusion. We can help get your parking spaces clearly defined and even make them look stylish in the process. And we will make sure that you can find your way out of the garage too!

Partial/Full Vehicle Wraps

You’ve seen them all over the roads. Vehicles & trucks with bright, colorful branding messages. Whether you choose to have a partial or full vehicle wrap, Vital Signs has certified designers & installers to make sure your message is seen all over town. Costs per view, vehicle wraps are one of the most economical forms of advertising methods available. Guaranteed to minimize your frustration with long traffic lights & bumper to bumper traffic, it’s hard to be annoyed when you know that everyone is stopped & reading your branding message. 

Pavement, Block, Stone & Concrete Graphics

Yes we can apply graphics to sidewalks, concrete and more (and we can even uninstall it if needed). Our specialty vinyls  allow us to apply your graphic message in the most unusual places. What better place to command attention than on the pavement or building bricks! This is solid branding at it’s best.

Plaques & Nameplates

Whether you need a recognition, memorial or upscale sign plaque, we have the solution for you.  There are a variety of material  choices  such as Zinc, Brass, Copper, Antique and more.  Maybe you would like to add a picture/color picture to your plaque, we can do that for you.  We even offer a fiberglass “look alike” plaque material for a budget-friendly alternative.


Point Of Purchase (POP) Posters & Graphics

We have them. You know those posters and signs that sit on counters in banks & retail stores. Vital Signs can design & produce all of your POP branding materials to your specifications. POP or custom graphic designs & danglers, we can produce them.

Post & Panel Signs

There are a variety of choices, colors and finishes when choosing a post and panel sign. Decorative, sleek, modern or basic, we can meet your signage needs.

Prismatic & Moving Signs

A prismatic sign is like watching your design change on a pair of window blinds. Often seen on highway billboards, moving signs are produced for the sole purpose of grabbing viewers’ attention. But Vital Signs produces them at a smaller, but still noticeable size. Let us help you shout your moving message.

Property Management & Real Estate Signs

Location, location, location..wherever your property resides, you need signs to market it. Upscale, basic, or artist renderings of a development to come, we have the solution for you.

Pylon/Pole Signs

Typically seen in Retail Centers; Doctor’s Offices, etc. Pole and Pylon signs brand a location with a variety of designs and fabricated options. From multi-tenant signs to single occupants, Vital Signs can provide the stylish option you’re looking for.

Routed/Sandblasted Signs

Handcrafted texture at it’s best! Sandblasted signs offer a distinctly different texture choice which uniquely captures the feel of your brand. If you are looking to set your business apart with a creative branding presentation, a sandblasted sign may be the solution for you.

Safety Signs

Standard or custom, mandated or not, Vital Signs can produce your safety signs. Better to be safe than to break your accident-free record.

Sidewalk & A-Frame Signs

Who knew that Sidewalk and A Frame signs are produced in such a versatile selection of choices? Dry Erase, Changeable Message, Weather/Wind Resistant, Spinner, Upscale or Basic..the possibilities are endless! Let us help you capture the attention of your foot traffic!

Step & Repeat Backdrops

Okay, technically this product can fit into our Tradeshow Display Category…but if your boss tells you to go order one of these, you really need to know what it is, right? Typically used for a backdrop for interviews and photo ops…we can add your company logo to your own “ Step and Repeat”.

Tradeshow Displays & Hardware

Banner Stands; TableTop Displays; Foldable; Portable; Pop-Up; Lit or not, we have them all!  We can assist you in navigating the choices to find the solution that best fits your needs.

Vehicle/Fleet Graphics (Lettering, Partial/Full Wraps)

If you really want to drive your branding message home, there is no better way to go than utilizing vehicle graphics. The costs per view make mobile marketing the perfect choice. No matter how much of the vehicle you wish to brand, we can do it! Bring us your custom design or work with the Vital Signs Design Team to create a one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing design. We get your message seen!

Wall & Door Graphics

Customize your walls  or doors with a decorative decal or wall graphic. Vital Signs can design and produce a peel and press word or graphic for your wall(s)/door(s). There are a variety of decal & graphic materials to choose from. Need a temporary holiday message? We have the solution.

Wallpaper (Custom) & Wall Wraps

This is NOT your Grandma’s wallpaper!  Vital Signs can create your custom designed wallpaper. Want to create a focal wall with your company’s subtly screened logo design in the background? Maybe you want to capture your company’s eco- philosophy in a design that requires no words.  Let our design team work with you to create the wallpaper look that will create your company’s attitude.

Window Lettering & Graphics

Logos, Hours of Operation or Graphics of your choosing, we can provide them all.  Vital Signs will design, produce & install vinyl graphics/lettering to your design specifications. Just give us the word(s).